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Steve Smith to the Chargers?

Posted on: May 10, 2011 6:45 pm
So apparently wide receiver Steve Smith is tired of being on the Panthers and would like to relocate, this is not very surprising as his numbers have dipped due to no other offensive weapons and a lack of a solid quarterback. What surprised me is the fact that there is a rumor going around that one of Smith's top choices to end up would be the Chargers. The bolts are also reported to being interested in the possibility of having Smith on our team, especially with the current state of our receiving core.
I think it would be great for the chargers to get smith for a reasonable price, I think he still has a lot of talent in him and the only reason he hasn't been performing as well as he did in the past is because of the poor play of the panthers. On the chargers he would have a top 5 quarterback in Philip Rivers, the top tight end in the game in Antonio Gates, and a great receiver to run opposite him in Vincent Jackson. Steve would work well because he would be a different kind of receiver than jackson or floyd, he is much smaller, he would give rivers much more options and he could be someone who helps push the chargers to the next level.
I really hope the chargers do attain smith, I think it would be great for our team and would help our already great offense get even better. 
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