Posted on: May 10, 2011 6:45 pm

Steve Smith to the Chargers?

So apparently wide receiver Steve Smith is tired of being on the Panthers and would like to relocate, this is not very surprising as his numbers have dipped due to no other offensive weapons and a lack of a solid quarterback. What surprised me is the fact that there is a rumor going around that one of Smith's top choices to end up would be the Chargers. The bolts are also reported to being interested in the possibility of having Smith on our team, especially with the current state of our receiving core.
I think it would be great for the chargers to get smith for a reasonable price, I think he still has a lot of talent in him and the only reason he hasn't been performing as well as he did in the past is because of the poor play of the panthers. On the chargers he would have a top 5 quarterback in Philip Rivers, the top tight end in the game in Antonio Gates, and a great receiver to run opposite him in Vincent Jackson. Steve would work well because he would be a different kind of receiver than jackson or floyd, he is much smaller, he would give rivers much more options and he could be someone who helps push the chargers to the next level.
I really hope the chargers do attain smith, I think it would be great for our team and would help our already great offense get even better. 
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Posted on: May 1, 2011 3:59 pm

My thoughts on the Chargers' 2011 draft

Draft day, one of the most exciting days for all NFL fans, because we all like to believe that our team is going to find the next great NFL star, everyone is optimistic, and in one day your team can go from hopeless to "they'll probably be good in a few years." There are certain teams that build their roster almost exclusively through the draft, rarely trading or signing free agents, the Chargers are one of these teams. If you look over our starters, you will find that almost all of them were drafted, its very impressive, although admittedly it can become frustrating to see all these great free agents that you know the bolts won't end up signing. So how did the chargers do this year? Lets take a look pick by pick.
Round 1: Cory Liuget, Defensive Lineman, Illinois. Once again, AJ smith surprises us by picking someone that almost nobody was expecting the chargers to target. Liuget primarily played DT in college, while the chargers really needed a DE. But I don't hate this pick, because apparently Corey could easily play DE and from what I have heard about him he could really bring some life to the chargers front line. This was a pretty solid pick. 
Round 2: Marcus Gilchrist, Cornerback/Safety, Clemson. My favorite pick by the chargers, our secondary is solid, but we could use some help with safety, and I think this is our guy. Plus he has the potential to be our return guy, which we obviously need help with. Great selection.
Round 2: Jonas Mouton, Outside Linebacker, Michigan. This is a tough pick, because I really do like Mouton's potential and I think he will turn into a good player, but a second round pick? That is a monster reach, we could have at least waited until the 3rd for him. Still, I'm less upset than I know other people are, as I really think if you take a good look he's a talented player. Stupid reach, but I like the guy.
Round 3: Vincent Brown, Wide Receiver, SDSU. Really like this pick, our receiving core is probably going to be a tad weaker than years past, so I think we definitely can use this guy as a solid third option. Plus he went to SDSU, which is great. Seems like he could fit our offense pretty well. Good pick.
Round 3: Shareece Wright, Cornerback, USC. Kind of a strange selection, I feel like we didn't need a cornerback or another secondary guy, and I would have liked an offensive lineman to be picked here instead. This wasn't a bad pick, it was just kind of unnecessary. He seems to have some talent though, so we shall see.
Round 6: Jordan Todman, Running Back, Connecticut. Love this pick, there is a good chance we lose Mike Tolbert, so we definitely need some help in the backfield, and I think Todman can be a good pass catching back and could provide some relief for ryan matthews.
Round 6: Steve Schilling, Guard, Michigan. Were the chargers the only team to select Wolverines? Possibly, but I liked both the picks, as I was beginning to worry AJ would not pick an O-lineman at all. Is he going to start immediately? No, but perhaps he will push the starters to work harder to keep their jobs. And I could see him surprising us all and becoming a stud for our line.
Round 7: Andrew Gachar, Outside Linebacker, Missouri. Hard to get too excited or disappointed by a 7th round pick, so I don't really have too much of an opinion either way. Hopefully he exceeds all expectations.
So how did we do overall? Pretty well, I would probably give the chargers a B+ if it was not for the Mouton pick, which I think was way too big of a reach. But I still think AJ delivered on another solid draft. Nothing too spectacular, but thats fine with me

Grade: B

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Posted on: September 15, 2009 5:55 pm

chargers vs raiders: week 1 recap

So week 1 is officially over, and the Chargers are now 1-0 and have beaten the hated Raiders 12 straight times. As a bolts fan, i should be happy, right? Wrong, because if you watched the game, you saw that the bolts barely beat the raiders and for the first three and a half quarters looked like the inferior football team. The oakland d absolutely dominated the bolts in the first half and for most of the second half. I give oakland a lot of credit as they went out and fought hard all game while the chargers at times looked like they just werent ready to play football.

The biggest problem i had with this game was the fact that Norv Turner did a HORRIBLE job playcalling. I mean youre an nfl head coach, cant you get a bit more creative than running everytime on first down? It got so predictable i am almost suprised that LaDainian Tomlinson got any rushing yards at all. The only time the san diego offense showed anylife was in the final two drives when Philip Rivers basically took over and showed why hes one of the best qbs in the league. I also think Darren Sproles showed us how he can be utilized as a quick dump off and then just speed down the field for a good 10+ yards. If the offense can play an entire game like they did in the final quarter than they can be one of the best offenses in the league. Just by relying more on the pass first then using the run when they dont expect

Defensively it was really a mess for the chargers other than a few keys drives. The raiders running backs were running all over the bolts in the first half as the oakland oline was absolutely dominating our front 7. Quentin Jammer made a sweet interception and Eric Weddle made a vicious hit, but other than that the bolts secondary was pretty weak, especially when Clinton Hart gave up that deep touchdown pass late in the game. That is never acceptable. If the chargers want to avoid everygame being a shootout that had better step it up defensively.

Overall i am happy that the bolts won, but they really need to take it to another level if they expect to have any chance against the Ravens next week
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Posted on: September 9, 2009 12:24 am

The brilliant Week 1 picks of LTowns515

This offseason has seemed to drag on for an eternity, but it has finally come. The most wonderful time of the year: football season! It is upon us men! Im sure many of you have already done your fantasy draft and read countless articles on how your team is going to do this season. I know i have never been so excited for a football season to start. That being said here are my week 1 picks, no spread involved.

1. Titans @ Steelers: this is one of the best matchups of week 1 and a great way to kick off the season. I take this as a tossup but in the end i gotta go with the defending champs and their scary good defense. Pick: STEELERS in a close one

2. Dolphins @ Falcons: two of the biggest suprises last seasons as both went from top 3 draft picks to playoff teams. But i dont see the dolphins doing quite as well this year as the wildcat wont suprise people like it did. Plus falcons have Tony Gonzalez now. Pick: FALCONS win comfortably

3. Chiefs @ Ravens: the chiefs look like they have the pieces to become a solid team, but for now they are just a pretty pathetic team until that talent develops, ravens d kills the weak chiefs offense. Pick: RAVENS destroy

4. Eagles @ Panthers: i love the eagles this year, they have a strong defense, good quarterback, young receivers, and solid running backs. They are, in my opinion, the team to beat in the NFC. Pick: EAGLES win, by more than you might expect

5. Broncos @ Bengals: are the donkeys bent on ruining their team? They have a good young quarterback in Jay Cutler and a great coach in Mike Shanahan, and what do they do? get rid of both of them! And now theyve suspended brandon marshall, theyre done this season. Pick: BENGALS by a lot.

6. Vikings @ Browns: why does mangini thinks he is smart for keeping the qb thing a secret? Everybody knows its gonna be Brady Quinn, unless hes really stupid. Brett Favre has a good first game for the vikes. Pick: VIKINGS kill

7. Jets @ Texans: unlike most people, im not at all sold on Mark Sanchez, i think he will not be a very good qb in this league and he will struggle mightily as a rookie. Matt Schaub had better do well, hes on my fantasy league. Pick: TEXANS win easily

8. Jaguars @ Colts: afc south games are always close, and this will be no exception. Im torn on who to pick, but in the end it comes down to quarterbacks for me, and there its no contest. Pick: COLTS in a close one

9. Lions @ Saints: come on, its that killer saints offense lead by the great Drew Brees versus the horrendous lions d. This one wont be pretty for detroit fans. Pick: SAINTS

10. Cowboys @ Buccaneers: i am not sure why, but something about them boys just doesnt feel right to me. Maybe its the loss of TO, or simply Tony Romo slowly revealing his inability to be the great player we expect. Pick: BUCS win in a slight upset

11. 49ers @ Cardinals: unless a miracle happens and Michael Crabtree signs with the niners before sunday, san fran will not have a very good offense, meanwhile the cards offense seems to be one of the leagues best. Pick: CARDINALS

12. Redskins @ Giants: im taking a page out of adam scheins book right now, so what time is it? UPSET SPECIAL TIME!! I for one am not convinced the gmen will be as good as people are saying, especially without plaxico burress. Who is Eli Manning gonna throw it too? And i love the skins d with the addition of Albert Haynesworth. Pick: SKINS win in an upset

13. Rams @ Seahawks: the hawks took a couple of steps back last year, but with Matt Hasselbeck being healthy now and them adding tj houshmanzadah(excuse my spelling), i see them rebounding this year. The rams? not so much. Pick: HAWKS by many points

14. Bears @ Packers: this is the toughest game to pick, both teams are very good teams with solid defenses and great young quarterbacks. But in this game i think Matt Forte is gonna be the difference by having a huge game. Pick: BEARS win in green bay

15. Bills @ Patriots: it seems like every year the bills are a pick to be the "breakout" team, im done buying into that crap. Tom Brady makes us forget about his shoulder injury. Pick: PATS win fairly easily

16. Chargers @ Raiders: loving the bolts chances of going far this season, they should win the division by at least three games and without injuries they should be much better than last year. Pick: CHARGERS win, no problem.

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Posted on: March 11, 2009 1:30 am

LT is staying!

 Yesssss! LaDainian Tomlinson has signed a 3 year deal with the Chargers! i am so relieved this whole ordeal is over and that LT is staying a bolt, we would have been much worse without him. He appears to be healthy and i think he is primed for a much better season this year. Now we just need the bolts to get Darren Sproles to take a pay cut too and our team will be doing quite well

so what are your thoughts on the situation?

go bolts

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Posted on: March 4, 2009 6:44 pm

Thoughts on Jermaine Phillips

So apparently the Chargers are considering to sing unrestricted free agent Jermaine Phillips, former free agent for the tampa bay Buccaneers. I havent heard to much about the guy but from what ive heard he is a solid player who is known for hard hitting. Hes certainly not spectacular, but he seems better than anybody we got.

I personally say that we should sign him because we are in definite need of a safety, i mean Clinton Hart is alrite, but i think we could use someone better, that person being jermaine phillips. I especially like that this guy is apparently a hard hitter because that would give the chargers another possible playmaker on defense, which we could definitely use.

overall i think it would be smart to sign jermaine phillips, for the right price of course

go bolts

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Posted on: February 17, 2009 7:19 pm

What I think the chargers should do

Ok so the Chargers have some tough decisions to make this offseason, what to do with LT and sproles, what position to go for in the draft, etc. So here is my advice on what to do this offseason:

1. Keep LaDainian Tomlinson: this is the single most important thing the chargers should do this season, keep LT. Because LT had his worst season last year, yet his worst season was still extremely good and most running backs wish they could have a season like that. I think he is going to bounce back big this year because he wants to prove that he is not washed out. Losing him would be a big mistake that could come back to bite us. Keep LT

2. Go after Darren Sproles, but not for too much: i love sproles, i mean hes a great player who always gives his all. And i really hope the bolts are able to resign him this offseason, but only at a certain price. The chargers should not franchise sproles nor should they pay him top dollar. Sproles is good and can make the big play, but he can also be pretty inconsistent and definitely is not ready to take on a starting roll. My advice for the chargers is to make a play for sproles, but just dont pay too much.

3. Draft defense in the draft: our offense is fine, Philip Rivers is great, the receivers are good, the o-line is good, what we had trouble with last year was our front 7, and thats what the chargers should try and fix in the draft. I say they either go after a defensive end or an inside linebacker, because thats where we have the biggest needs. After we fix those two then we can do things like draft a running back or an offensive lineman. But we should try and mend the defense first.

That is my advice for the chargers this offseason

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Posted on: January 12, 2009 12:50 am

This is gonna hurt

So another season has come and gone for the Chargers, a month ago it seemed impossible to make the playoffs, yet they did. Then it seemed impossible for them to beat the Colts, yet they did. And as soon as people started believing in the bolts, they got killed by the Steelers. Its like the minute they become the favorite, they falter.

First off i would like to say there will be no whining in this blog, the chargers played worse than the steelers and deserved to get beat, end of story. The refs made the right calls for the most part and in the end it was simply that the chargers resembled the 4-8 chargers instead of the chargers of the previous five weeks. The momentum really went the steelers way when they were down 10-7 right before the half and then went on a scoring drive and took a 14-10 lead, a lead they never gave up. From there everything went downhill for the chargers and it seemed like everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.

Now the third quarter was just despicable because the chargers only had one offensive play the whole quarter, and that was a Philip Rivers interception. Then as the chargers were gonna get the ball back, a punted ball hit Eric Weddle on the helmet and steelers recovered deep in charger territory. But in the end it was really Willie Parker who killed the bolts, they simply had no answer for him and he had a field day against our defense. I really think the chargers need a better defensive end, and i cant wait for Shawne Merriman to be back.

Anways, i guess ill just have to wait until next season for charger football, o well, at least i can root for the red sox until then.

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