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Posted on: May 1, 2011 3:59 pm

My thoughts on the Chargers' 2011 draft

Draft day, one of the most exciting days for all NFL fans, because we all like to believe that our team is going to find the next great NFL star, everyone is optimistic, and in one day your team can go from hopeless to "they'll probably be good in a few years." There are certain teams that build their roster almost exclusively through the draft, rarely trading or signing free agents, the Chargers are one of these teams. If you look over our starters, you will find that almost all of them were drafted, its very impressive, although admittedly it can become frustrating to see all these great free agents that you know the bolts won't end up signing. So how did the chargers do this year? Lets take a look pick by pick.
Round 1: Cory Liuget, Defensive Lineman, Illinois. Once again, AJ smith surprises us by picking someone that almost nobody was expecting the chargers to target. Liuget primarily played DT in college, while the chargers really needed a DE. But I don't hate this pick, because apparently Corey could easily play DE and from what I have heard about him he could really bring some life to the chargers front line. This was a pretty solid pick. 
Round 2: Marcus Gilchrist, Cornerback/Safety, Clemson. My favorite pick by the chargers, our secondary is solid, but we could use some help with safety, and I think this is our guy. Plus he has the potential to be our return guy, which we obviously need help with. Great selection.
Round 2: Jonas Mouton, Outside Linebacker, Michigan. This is a tough pick, because I really do like Mouton's potential and I think he will turn into a good player, but a second round pick? That is a monster reach, we could have at least waited until the 3rd for him. Still, I'm less upset than I know other people are, as I really think if you take a good look he's a talented player. Stupid reach, but I like the guy.
Round 3: Vincent Brown, Wide Receiver, SDSU. Really like this pick, our receiving core is probably going to be a tad weaker than years past, so I think we definitely can use this guy as a solid third option. Plus he went to SDSU, which is great. Seems like he could fit our offense pretty well. Good pick.
Round 3: Shareece Wright, Cornerback, USC. Kind of a strange selection, I feel like we didn't need a cornerback or another secondary guy, and I would have liked an offensive lineman to be picked here instead. This wasn't a bad pick, it was just kind of unnecessary. He seems to have some talent though, so we shall see.
Round 6: Jordan Todman, Running Back, Connecticut. Love this pick, there is a good chance we lose Mike Tolbert, so we definitely need some help in the backfield, and I think Todman can be a good pass catching back and could provide some relief for ryan matthews.
Round 6: Steve Schilling, Guard, Michigan. Were the chargers the only team to select Wolverines? Possibly, but I liked both the picks, as I was beginning to worry AJ would not pick an O-lineman at all. Is he going to start immediately? No, but perhaps he will push the starters to work harder to keep their jobs. And I could see him surprising us all and becoming a stud for our line.
Round 7: Andrew Gachar, Outside Linebacker, Missouri. Hard to get too excited or disappointed by a 7th round pick, so I don't really have too much of an opinion either way. Hopefully he exceeds all expectations.
So how did we do overall? Pretty well, I would probably give the chargers a B+ if it was not for the Mouton pick, which I think was way too big of a reach. But I still think AJ delivered on another solid draft. Nothing too spectacular, but thats fine with me

Grade: B

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