Posted on: September 15, 2009 5:55 pm

chargers vs raiders: week 1 recap

So week 1 is officially over, and the Chargers are now 1-0 and have beaten the hated Raiders 12 straight times. As a bolts fan, i should be happy, right? Wrong, because if you watched the game, you saw that the bolts barely beat the raiders and for the first three and a half quarters looked like the inferior football team. The oakland d absolutely dominated the bolts in the first half and for most of the second half. I give oakland a lot of credit as they went out and fought hard all game while the chargers at times looked like they just werent ready to play football.

The biggest problem i had with this game was the fact that Norv Turner did a HORRIBLE job playcalling. I mean youre an nfl head coach, cant you get a bit more creative than running everytime on first down? It got so predictable i am almost suprised that LaDainian Tomlinson got any rushing yards at all. The only time the san diego offense showed anylife was in the final two drives when Philip Rivers basically took over and showed why hes one of the best qbs in the league. I also think Darren Sproles showed us how he can be utilized as a quick dump off and then just speed down the field for a good 10+ yards. If the offense can play an entire game like they did in the final quarter than they can be one of the best offenses in the league. Just by relying more on the pass first then using the run when they dont expect

Defensively it was really a mess for the chargers other than a few keys drives. The raiders running backs were running all over the bolts in the first half as the oakland oline was absolutely dominating our front 7. Quentin Jammer made a sweet interception and Eric Weddle made a vicious hit, but other than that the bolts secondary was pretty weak, especially when Clinton Hart gave up that deep touchdown pass late in the game. That is never acceptable. If the chargers want to avoid everygame being a shootout that had better step it up defensively.

Overall i am happy that the bolts won, but they really need to take it to another level if they expect to have any chance against the Ravens next week
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