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Posted on: September 9, 2009 12:24 am

The brilliant Week 1 picks of LTowns515

This offseason has seemed to drag on for an eternity, but it has finally come. The most wonderful time of the year: football season! It is upon us men! Im sure many of you have already done your fantasy draft and read countless articles on how your team is going to do this season. I know i have never been so excited for a football season to start. That being said here are my week 1 picks, no spread involved.

1. Titans @ Steelers: this is one of the best matchups of week 1 and a great way to kick off the season. I take this as a tossup but in the end i gotta go with the defending champs and their scary good defense. Pick: STEELERS in a close one

2. Dolphins @ Falcons: two of the biggest suprises last seasons as both went from top 3 draft picks to playoff teams. But i dont see the dolphins doing quite as well this year as the wildcat wont suprise people like it did. Plus falcons have Tony Gonzalez now. Pick: FALCONS win comfortably

3. Chiefs @ Ravens: the chiefs look like they have the pieces to become a solid team, but for now they are just a pretty pathetic team until that talent develops, ravens d kills the weak chiefs offense. Pick: RAVENS destroy

4. Eagles @ Panthers: i love the eagles this year, they have a strong defense, good quarterback, young receivers, and solid running backs. They are, in my opinion, the team to beat in the NFC. Pick: EAGLES win, by more than you might expect

5. Broncos @ Bengals: are the donkeys bent on ruining their team? They have a good young quarterback in Jay Cutler and a great coach in Mike Shanahan, and what do they do? get rid of both of them! And now theyve suspended brandon marshall, theyre done this season. Pick: BENGALS by a lot.

6. Vikings @ Browns: why does mangini thinks he is smart for keeping the qb thing a secret? Everybody knows its gonna be Brady Quinn, unless hes really stupid. Brett Favre has a good first game for the vikes. Pick: VIKINGS kill

7. Jets @ Texans: unlike most people, im not at all sold on Mark Sanchez, i think he will not be a very good qb in this league and he will struggle mightily as a rookie. Matt Schaub had better do well, hes on my fantasy league. Pick: TEXANS win easily

8. Jaguars @ Colts: afc south games are always close, and this will be no exception. Im torn on who to pick, but in the end it comes down to quarterbacks for me, and there its no contest. Pick: COLTS in a close one

9. Lions @ Saints: come on, its that killer saints offense lead by the great Drew Brees versus the horrendous lions d. This one wont be pretty for detroit fans. Pick: SAINTS

10. Cowboys @ Buccaneers: i am not sure why, but something about them boys just doesnt feel right to me. Maybe its the loss of TO, or simply Tony Romo slowly revealing his inability to be the great player we expect. Pick: BUCS win in a slight upset

11. 49ers @ Cardinals: unless a miracle happens and Michael Crabtree signs with the niners before sunday, san fran will not have a very good offense, meanwhile the cards offense seems to be one of the leagues best. Pick: CARDINALS

12. Redskins @ Giants: im taking a page out of adam scheins book right now, so what time is it? UPSET SPECIAL TIME!! I for one am not convinced the gmen will be as good as people are saying, especially without plaxico burress. Who is Eli Manning gonna throw it too? And i love the skins d with the addition of Albert Haynesworth. Pick: SKINS win in an upset

13. Rams @ Seahawks: the hawks took a couple of steps back last year, but with Matt Hasselbeck being healthy now and them adding tj houshmanzadah(excuse my spelling), i see them rebounding this year. The rams? not so much. Pick: HAWKS by many points

14. Bears @ Packers: this is the toughest game to pick, both teams are very good teams with solid defenses and great young quarterbacks. But in this game i think Matt Forte is gonna be the difference by having a huge game. Pick: BEARS win in green bay

15. Bills @ Patriots: it seems like every year the bills are a pick to be the "breakout" team, im done buying into that crap. Tom Brady makes us forget about his shoulder injury. Pick: PATS win fairly easily

16. Chargers @ Raiders: loving the bolts chances of going far this season, they should win the division by at least three games and without injuries they should be much better than last year. Pick: CHARGERS win, no problem.

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